It is really important that you have a Will in place to ensure that you can protect both your own and your loved ones best interests. There are many benefits to having a professionally drafted Will which include:

  • Allowing you to mitigate your inheritance tax liability
  • To provide certainty to your family and/or loved ones that they are carrying out your final wishes
  • To allow you to ensure your assets pass to your chosen beneficiaries as opposed to strict intestacy provisions
  • A Will allows you to appoint someone you trust to act as your executor and deal with the distribution of the estate

When you are drafting a Will, you need to have sufficient mental capacity, which can be hard to prove after your demise. As a part of our process we shall make provisions to lessen the chances of a claim arising at a later date.

To start the process we shall ask you to complete our fully comprehensive questionnaire and invite you to attend the office. We shall then prepare a draft for your consideration and finally prepare a final Will and provide you with instructions on how to execute the same or alternatively invite you into the office.

If you have any questions, then please contact us via email at or call any of our offices.