Some documents need to be sworn on oath, such as affidavits or declarations. If you require a document sworn, the same can only be done so by a solicitor, Commissioner for Oaths or alternatively a Court Official authorised to administer Oaths. The legal representative preparing the document in question cannot also Swear the same. This needs to be done independently.

By Swearing you do so by Swearing on the bible that the contents of the document are true and accurate as far as you are aware. You will then also sign to confirm this is the case. The Solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths will then sign to say they saw you Swear and sign the document.  This process is a serious matter since should it later be discovered that the information being sworn was incorrect you could be held in contempt of court and ultimately sent to prison. You must therefore check everything before you swear and sign the same. The Commissioner for Oaths or Solicitor are not to check the content. They only sign to confirm you swore and signed the document in front of them.

The cost for having a document Sworn is £5 plus £2 for every document attached to it. Should you require this service we have 3 Commissioner for Oaths available throughout the day. Don’t hesitate to call for an appointment.