When exchange of contracts takes place and you are legally bound to sell or buy it will be necessary for you to arrange removals in order to comply with your contractual obligations. We currently recommend a series of local  removal companies accredited and reliable.  In this respect if you want us to obtain an estimate for you or put you in contact with them, please let me know as we should be able to obtain a discounted rate in this respect. Please note this is of extreme importance legally as well as practically. You will no doubt want your treasured belongings to be moved in a safe manor. If for example you are selling it is normal under the standard conditions of sale 5th edition to have a contractual time of 2pm (this sometimes varies). This means you must have vacated your property together with any belongings and rubbish before this time. If not you could be potentially be in breach of contract and in a worse case could be liable for damages and a daily rate of interest.